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$28 per person

Ben Franklin’s Inferno

It’s 1777 and a saboteur has rigged the stove in Ben Franklin’s workshop to run blazing hot until the entire building goes up in flames, delivering a major blow to the Revolution. It’s up to you to figure out a …

Police Station

The trial of the century starts in one hour and you, the rookie officers of the DCPD, have misplaced the code to the safe containing critical evidence. Find a way to open the evidence safe before the trial begins or …

Cabin of the Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil has returned to his birthplace in the secluded Pine Barrens and you’ll become his next victim if you can’t stop his centuries old reign of terror. This room is not suited for children or anyone who doesn’t …

The Upside Down

For the past few weeks your sleepy Indiana hometown has been experiencing electrical disturbances and odd tales of an alternate dimension are spreading like wildfire. The stories have hit home and you have 60 minutes to restore power to your …


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